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Delivery Policy

The Balanced Exchange is dedicated to providing you multiple options to receive your products, including deliveries to your home or office. When starting up your delivery service with refillable bulk products, you have a few options:


1. We can first come to your home to pick up a container of your choice (extra charge for this option.)


2. In your order, you can choose whether you'd prefer to have your bulk products delivered to you in plastic or glass containers. Catherine and Carrie will package your order in free, clean pre-loved container and will drop it off for you.


3. In your order, you can choose your own container from our own list of new containers for purchase, and add a note in the comments about which product you'd like us to fill with this container.

After the first delivery service, simply let us know when you'd like us to take your containers back and refill them for you! You can leave your containers on your front step and we'll pick them up and return them within 5 business days.

Concerned about our driving time with deliveries adding to the carbon footprint? Us too! You'll have the option during your checkout process to choose to pay a little more to offset the distance traveled through carbon credits.

Return & Exchange Policy

At The Balanced Exchange, we want you to feel comfortable trying new sustainable products without worry. Because of this, we offer a 100% 30-day return policy on any products in our store! Simply bring back your receipt and we'll give you a full refund? Misplaced your receipt? We'd be happy to provide you with store credit for you to try something that better fits your lifestyle.


If you purchased a bulk item, bring in the product you didn't use up and we'll tare it and refund you whatever amount you chose not to keep. So what's there to lose? Check out some of our fabulous low-waste or zero-waste options and you might find your new favorite sustainable product.