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This plant-based brush head replacement snaps onto our wooden dish brush for a new, clean brush head without the unwanted waste. When the brush head has come to the end of its life, it is compostable!


The brush head is made of sustainable bamboo and the brush bristles are made of sisal (a Mexican agave plant with large fleshy leaves). Sisal is a thick hard fiber, wear-resistant and easy to clean.

This stiff fiber brush is durable and ideal for all dish-washing purposes.

This replaceable head can also be used on its own as a hand-held dish washing brush!


Maintenance: To prevent cracks, do not leave the wood part soaking in water. After use, rinse the sisal bristle with clean water and let dry naturally.

Once worn out, the wooden head and sisal bristle can be 100% composted or buried in the backyard. All metal staples can be recycled along with other scrap metal (if you toss it in a regular recycling bin, the staples will be too small for standard facilities and will NOT be recycled properly), or you can simply return the staples to The Balanced Exchange at the end of its life!

Wooden Dish Brush Replacement Head

SKU: HC0002