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Dryer Balls from a Colorado alpaca farm!


All natural, hypoallergenic alpaca dryer balls are an excellent alternative to the chemicals of fabric softeners or dryer sheets for softening clothes, reducing static, eliminating wrinkles. Minimum of 2 balls are suggested and a set of 4 is recommended to generate maximum effectiveness, absorbing moisture from wet clothes while maintaining the humidity inside the dryer. 


  • Save time and money- Decreases drying time. The more dyer balls you have in your load, the quicker the clothes will dry (4 balls are recommended per load).
  • Softens clothes- reduces static and eliminates wrinkles, without shedding on your clothing. 
  • Hypo-allergenic- 100% Alpaca fiber- Commercial fabric softeners and dryer sheets are filled with harmful chemicals and perfumes that coat your clothing, eventually ending up on your skin and inside your clothes dryer. 
  • Durable- The balls may last anywhere from several months to years depending on use. Dryer balls may continue to shrink slightly with continued use, which is normal. They remain just as effective.


How Alpaca Dryer Balls Work

Simply place dryer balls in your dryer with your wet clothes. That's it- they do the rest! Felted dryer balls bounce around with your laundry to shorten drying time and reduce wrinkles without exposing your clothes to any of the chemicals used in dryer sheets or plastic dryer balls. We recommend using at least four dryer balls to help keep laundry items from tangling around each other and increasing the airflow around the fabric. 


Dryer balls help reduce drying time by absorbing moisture and assisting the tumbling process. 



For your first use, run the dryer balls through a dryer cycle with wet towels. The balls may initially become "hairy." They will not shed on your clothes. Carefully trim off the fuzzy hair with a pair of scissors and they are all set. Over time, the balls may "pill" which is normal. You can shave the pills off or leave them alone. If cleaning the dryer balls becomes necessary, run under hot water, add a drop of dish soap and rotate ball between palms until lathered, rinse in warm, then cold water. Air or machine dry. 


Miss the scent of dryer sheets? Apply several drops of essential oils to your dryer balls. 


Handmade in CO.

Dryer Balls

SKU: HC0003