Unpaper Towels

Unpaper Towels


Hemp and Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels

Swap disposable paper towels for these washable, reusable, and durable towels around the house. Color code sets for different uses or areas of the house. Between the birdseye weave and hemp's anti-microbial properties, you have a fabric that can tackle any mess, air dry quickly and not worry as much about mold.



33% hemp, 67% organic cotton blend fabric, polyester thread (working on cotton thread option).


Care Suggestions:
Machine wash and tumble dry. The fabric is pre-washed but still might shrink just a tad more. When the towels are at end of life trim off thread discard and compost the remaining fabric.


Responsible disposal: remove thread for landfill and compost fabric


Set of 6 towels.

12” x 10” Cloth

Handmade in Denver, CO

By Eelos Studios

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