Resusable "Paper" Towels


Upgrade your kitchen from disposable paper towels! Cotton flannel naturally clings to itself, making snaps unnecessary. These can be used for cleaning, dusting, wiping up messes, as a napkin, etc. They are soft enough for faces, babies and sensitive skin. With these design options, sustainable choices have never felt so good to use and see on display. Single-ply with surged hem.



Cotton flannel, thread.


How To Use

Use however you would normally use paper towels, then wash and reuse over and over again. Simply re-roll each towel one at a time onto a cardboard tube and place on a holder or fold and store in a basket or drawer. 


Match Made in Heaven

Thiese resuable "paper" towels pairs perfectly with any of our other household cleaning products!

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Handmade in Denver, CO.

Comes as a set of 10.

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