Hand & Surface Sanitizing Mist

SKU: HC0011

Refill your own spray bottle with this natural, locally-made sanitizing mist. This all natural spray does double duty as a hand sanitizer and a cleaner for shopping cart handles, restaurant highchairs and tables, and any other durable surface. This formula is made without petroleum products or other yucky stuff.



Distilled grain alcohol, essential oils of tea tree, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus.


How To Use

Just spray on hands and rub briskly until dry. Or you can spray it on the shopping cart or high chair and wipe with a napkin or tissue.


Container Exchange Program

Bottle pictured not included.

Delivery and Curbside Pickup: Product comes in a mason jar and may be transferred to your own spray bottle.

Mail order: product comes in a compostable container and may be transferred to your own spray bottle.

Empty jars can be returned via:

1) doorstep pickup, or

2) drop-off at one of our curbside events.

Simply email us at hello@thebalancedexchange.eco or submit a request in the "special instructions" box at your next checkout. A discount code for $1.50 per jar will be emailed to you once jars have been received to be used in your next purchase.


Match Made in Heaven

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As with all products made with alcohol and essential oils, please avoid getting in eyes or mouth, and keep out of the reach of children.

Handmade in CO.

For additional ounce options, please email hello@thebalancedexchange.eco.

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