Rose Gold Safety Razor

Rose Gold Safety Razor

SKU: PC0004

If you want to get a high-quality shave, you deserve a high-quality razor.

The rose gold finish makes it look like a luxurious art object rather than a product that you incorporate into your everyday routine. The sophisticated design definitely enhances the experience of shaving. There is a high-shine finish to the reusable handle, which protects it from corrosion. To be sure that your razor stays looking stunning, do not leave it in the shower or tub and simply store it in a dry place.

Even the blade was created to upgrade your shaving experience. The double-edged blade leaves your skin feeling super smooth. In fact, it minimizes the chances of hair getting trapped under your skin.
Includes five stainless steel blades. It is recommended to change the blade around every 7 shaving sessions, so you are already set for around 35 shaves!

By switching from a disposable razor to a zero-waste razor, you will stop contributing to the one million pounds of plastic razors that end up in landfills each year.