Oats & Honey Soap for Face & Body

Oats & Honey Soap for Face & Body


Oats and honey are a classic combination, especially for sensitive and irritated skin. This face and body bar indulges with organic coconut milk and raw honey for extra skin nourishment and soothing whole oats, finely ground by hand, for gentle exfoliation. No added scent is needed, allowing the warm sweetness of the coconut milk and honey shine through. 


This bar is palm-free, detergent-free and created from scratch to gently cleanse your skin with premium emollients and humectants including plant-based oils and organic butters like castor and olive oils, raw cocoa and shea butters. Your skin will feel softer, smoother and look more radiant naturally.


Coconut Milk- antibacterial, vitamin and mineral rich; helps moisturize, soothe and brighten skin, helps improve skin elasticity

• Honey- antimicrobial, humectant; helps balance skin bacteria, moisturize, soothe and brighten skin

• Oats- antioxidant, emollient, rich in B Vitamins, iron, phosphorus & more; helps soften, soothe and moisturize skin



olive oil, coconut oil, organic coconut milk, sodium hydroxide, canola oil, castor oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic honey, sodium lactate, oats, rosemary oleoresin 


Handmade in Colorado

by Diamond Bird Soaps & Skincare

Average bar weight is 5 oz.