Large Wax Wraps

Large Wax Wraps


Wax wraps are a wonderful, all natural alternative to plastic bags and clingwrap in the kitchen. Although they have been gaining popularity recently, they are not a new invention. Historically, wax wraps were used by ancient Egyptians for food storage! Cover a bowl/jar or wrap your cheese, bread, half an avocado, or snacks to-go in plastic-free handmade wax wraps. Wherever you want to seal it, rub with your hands/fingers to warm the wax just enough to stick.


Large wraps (appx. 15” x 20”) are ideal for loaves of bread as they are a nice medium between a plastic bag and a paper bag regarding breathability. 


Small wraps (appx. 9”x6”) are great for small veggies and fruit, a block of cheese, jar lid substitute, crackers, cookies on the go. Small sizes can also be cut into two smaller squares if you need glass jar lids.



100% cotton fabric, plant dyes, coated with 3 ingredients: pine resin sustainably harvested in the USA, jojoba oil, and beeswax



Because pine resin contains antibacterial properties, the wax coating can last a long time without getting moldy. Keep away from heat such as microwave or dishwasher. Not for use with raw meat. To wash, use cold water and soap, and hang dry. Store rolled up rather than folding. 


End of life: 

Wax wraps typically last several months with regular use. After the wax has worn out, get creative!

- continue wrapping around jars/bowls/food with reused rubber band

- open jars

- cut into fire starter strips

- compost (cut into small pieces)



Handmade in Colorado by Round Trip Goods

Large wraps appx 15” x 20”

Colors vary. This product is not food. If you are sensitive to pine or pine resin, do not use.  This product is NOT for use with raw meat.