Double Edge Safety Razor

Double Edge Safety Razor


Chic - Slick - Sustainable - Safety razors are back!  

This beautiful 100% brass safety razor will be the last one you will buy. Ergonomically designed handle and double-edged blades will make sure you get a clean and close shave every time, leaving your skin silky and smooth.   


This razor is unisex, great for all skin types, and brings the best shaving result when used with a shaving soap or shaving oil.  Beginner tip: do not press down while shaving; allow the weight of the razor to be the only pressure until you get more familiar with the feel of it. 


This brilliant razor comes with 5 stainless steel blades and simple, recyclable packaging.  We recommend changing blades after 8 uses or when you start feeling a bit of dragging on your skin, simply swap it for a new one.


weight: 91g or 0.2 lb
length: 11cm or 4.33 in

This razor will likely outlive us, but when the time comes to dispose of it, please recycle razor and blades along with other scrap metal.