Dish Soap Block

Dish Soap Block


Swap plastic bottles of dish soap for this package free natural dish soap block handmade by local maker Plantspired Creations. It is made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from ethical companies with quality practices. Lemon oil and orange oil are added for an additional boost in antibacterial and anti-microbial disinfection. They also function as natural degreasers. This soap lathers wonderfully with a naturally citrus fresh scent (no synthetic fragrances). 


Free from: Harmful Chemicals • Sulfates • Parabens • Preservatives • SLS • SLES • Phthalates • Gluten • Soy • Animal Ingredients • Titanium Dioxide


Materials: lemon oil, orange oil, sodium hydroxide, oat protein, colloidal micelles, plant based, nonionic surfactants, alkanoamines, clear glycerine, harmful chemical free




0.5 lb dish soap blocks

Handmade in Denver, CO

By Plantspired Creations

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