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This refill set comes with two 33-yard rolls of organic dental floss refills (The white charcoal rolls each contain 25 yards). It comes in a small kraft box and is made to refill your own glass or metal dispenser (available separately). This dental floss is a great alternative to typical floss that cannot break down naturally, and comes in either white or black charcoal! This product is not certified compostable, so please do not compost or recycle. It is meant to break down more easily in landfill than typical products.


If you do not own a floss vial or would prefer to house this product in a dedicated container, we would recommend you start with purchasing our starter dental floss here, which comes with a refillable glass vial.


Options: vegan bamboo with activated charcoal (black) or vegan bamboo with white charcoal (white).

Dental Floss Refills (2-pack)

SKU: PC0002