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This herbal-infused apple cider vinegar and rosewater toner cleanses, clarifies, and balances troubled skin, while the bright and fresh fragrance of lemon and rose will delight your senses. Ideal for oily, trouble-prone skin. After cleansing skin, apply toner with a cotton round. Use as needed, or once per day, to cleanse and clarify skin on face, shoulders and back. Avoid eye area. For external use only.


Handmade in CO.


For additional ounce options, please email hello@thebalancedexchange.eco.


4 oz


Bottle pictured not included.


Choose from:

1) Bottle exchange ($1.50 deposit per container)

2) Free preloved container


Ingredients: Rosewater, Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera Gel, Chamomile blossoms, Calendula blossoms, Lavender blossoms, Lemon Essential Oil

Clarifying Facial Toner