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Zero Waste Essentials You Already Own!

Joining the Zero Waste Movement? Here is a list of our favorite zero waste swaps to get started:

  • Refill your own water bottle instead of buying plastic disposable water bottles. Use a reusable cup for coffee (either order "for here" or bring your own #byo to-go cup).

  • Use real dishes instead of disposables.

  • Take a set of flatware rolled up in a cloth napkin/bandana to avoid disposable versions.

  • Use fabric produce bags, tie a bandana into a bag via #furoshiki, or reuse a plastic "disposable" bag.

  • Refill pasta sauce, salsa and pickle jars with goods from bulk bins found at some grocery stores like Sprouts, Lucky's, King Soopers and others.

  • Save food scraps in freezer for veggie broth, smoothies and compost.

  • How many times can you make that ziploc bag last?

  • Bandanas, hankies and other fabric scraps are softer and more durable than tissues.

  • Kitchen rags are more durable than any paper towels.

  • Diluted vinegar or vodka for an all purpose cleaner.

  • Baking soda makes a great all purpose cleaning scrub.

  • Bring your own container to a restaurant for potential leftovers.

What was your first zero waste swap you already owned?

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