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Easy Swap: Zero Waste Razor

By EcoRoots

Shaving, plucking, and waxing, oh my! When it comes to hair removal products and methods, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed. For most people, cost, pain level, and effectiveness are all factors that help them choose which method is best for them.

However, have you ever considered how hair removal can impact the environment? Here’s the deal:

Generally, the most popular form of hair removal is shaving. A large majority of people tend to go for plastic, disposable razors.

They are cheap, easy, and ubiquitous, so they can’t be that harmful, right? Wrong: Two billion plastic razors make their way into the landfill each year. Yeah, and that is just in one year!

Our landfills and oceans are already filled with billions upon billions of these wasteful razors.

What if I told you that there was a solution that was just as accessible and easy, but better for the planet?

The Birth of the Disposable Razor

Turns out, there was once a time when an eco-friendly shaving solution was already in place. In the early 20th century, King Camp Gillette invented the mass-produced safety razor. This model had a stainless steel reusable handle and a double-edged blade that could be replaced.

This safety razor replaced the dangerous straight razors that men used in the past. I only say “men” for a reason.

Get this: Back in those days, women did not shave at all!

It was not until 1975 that Bic created the plastic disposable razor which is still commonly used today. They are so cheap that most people just get a whole new razor instead of replacing the blades. Think about it:

Sure, it is convenient, but there is so much unnecessary waste that is being created, for no reason! 

Going Back to Basics: The Zero Waste Razor

There recently has been a resurgence of the safety razor due to the zero waste movement. People are becoming more critical of their everyday habits in attempts to make them more eco-friendly, which is awesome!

If you are also trying to live a less wasteful life, consider switching to a zero-waste razor.

Eco Roots Rose Gold Safety Razor is affordable, beautiful, and works great. All Eco Roots products, come in plastic-free, recyclable packaging.

Finally: A shaving solution that you do not have to feel guilty about!

Form Follows Function

If you want to get a high-quality shave, you deserve a high-quality razor. The Zero Waste Rose Gold Safety Razor does not disappoint!

Just upon looks, this razor is gorgeous.

The rose gold finish makes it look like some sort of luxurious art object rather than a product that you incorporate into your everyday routine. The sophisticated design definitely enhances the experience of shaving.

Do not let its beauty fool you: The handle of the razor was ergonomically designed so you can get a close, comfortable shave. Since it was crafted with human hands in mind, it is also very light and durable.

There is a high-finish to the reusable handle, which protects it from corrosion. To be sure that your razor stays looking stunning, do not leave it in the shower or tub and simply store it in a dry place.

Even the blade was created in attempts to upgrade your shaving experience. The double-edged blade leaves your skin feeling super smooth. In fact, it minimizes the chances of hair getting trapped under your skin.

The Waste-free Way: Replacing Blades

Replacing blades might seem cumbersome when you are used to disposing of the whole razor, but it really is not hard and it actually is more economical!

When your EcoRoots zero waste razor is delivered, it will come equipped with five stainless steel blades. It is recommended to change the blade around every seven shaving sessions, so you are already set for around 35 shaves! Think about it:

For $35.99 you are getting a beautiful, long-lasting razor handle and enough blades to last you a few months. Once you eventually use all of those blades, don’t worry! There is also a pack of replacement razor blades and get this:

For $3.50, you get 10 new blades! In fact, even if you were to shave every single day and replaced your blade once a week, you would only spend around $18 a year on replacement blades.

It is so affordable!

Now, “how exactly does one replace a blade?” you may ask. It’s easy:

1. Simply unscrew the handle from the razor head by twisting it.

2. Separate the two sides of the razor head from the dull blade.

3. Get your fresh blade and place it back in between the two rose gold parts.

4. Screw the handle back on and you’re set!

If you are having trouble, we have a great tutorial video.

The Complete Zero Waste Shaving Experience

Sure, switching over to a safety razor with replaceable blades is a great start to creating less waste, but there are other ways to make your shaving routine, even more, zero waste. Think about this:

Typically, women tend to use a cream or foam while shaving. These products usually come in plastic packaging, but this is not the only solution to getting a smooth, cut-free shave.

Choosing a bar soap over a bottled soap is a great, easy way to minimize packaging waste.

Since blades are made from stainless steel, they are technically recyclable, but please read this carefully:

Blades are sharp and can cause harm to waste management workers, so always check with your local recycling center to see how to properly get rid of them.

Sharp objects usually need to be disposed of in special containers. There are also mail-back programs available that will recycle your blades for you. Do your research before tossing your blades!

Being conscious of the ways our daily routines affect the planet is a productive way of changing our habits, reducing waste, and making a real change.By switching from a disposable razor to a zero-waste razor, you will stop contributing to the one million pounds of plastic razors that end up in landfill each year.

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