How Refills Work

Modern Milkman-Style Deliveries 

Doorstep deliveries are available to Denver County and the City of Aurora for a $5 delivery fee. After your order is submitted, we will pack and deliver it straight to your door within two business days. To ensure contact-free delivery during the pandemic, when we drop off your order, we will immediately send you an email confirming that it was dropped off.

Container pickup is free and can be arranged via email (hello@thebalancedexchange) or by adding a "special instructions" note to your next order. We will then text you to confirm timing of the pickup. The cost of containers is included in the purchase price, so there is no deposit to track. Upon returning your empty jars, a discount code will be emailed to you for $1.50 per jar to be used with any products in your next order.


Refillable items are priced with the container included, which is $1.50 for either a mason jar or disposable compostable container. By putting value back into our disposable materials, we are better able to account for their impact by supporting our mission-driven giveback channels including carbon offsets with Colorado Carbon Fund and a local community organization which changes quarterly.


In all things, we prioritize progress over perfection. Therefore, in times that a single-use container is the best we can do (such as mail orders), then you can make your purchase knowing the container was supplied by two sustainability-focused businesses (EcoProducts and us). We are breaking our dependency on plastics and choosing compostable options insteading of adding to landfill. We have chosen EcoProducts to supply these disposable containers because they are a  B Corp certified business with local headquarters in Boulder, CO.

Container Return

Empty jars can be returned via:

1) doorstep pickup or

2) one of our curbside events

Email us at or submit a return request in the "special instructions" box at your next checkout. A discount code for $1.50 per jar will be emailed to you once jars have been received to be used in your next purchase.


We request jars be clean and in the same condition they were provided to you with no cracks, broken jars or rust on lids. After being returned to us, jars are sanitized between fills using strict mask, glove and hygiene protocols. 


In light of COVID-19 concerns, masks will be worn and washed daily during all packing, delivering and curbside pickup events. An email notification will be sent as soon as the drop-off is complete, along with a photo of where we left your order. 

Refer neighbors for a 10% credit! The more deliveries we have in close proximity, the more efficient our system becomes and reduces the system's carbon footprint. Email us about your referral and when the person orders, we will email you a coupon code. 

We love customer feedback! Please let us know how we are doing and how we can improve our delivery service. Give us a shout at