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About The Balanced Exchange

The Balanced Exchange strives to accelerate society's shift to sustainable practices and achieve social justice using the principles of a circular economy. This will be accomplished by 1) increasing access to locally sourced household products from marginalized populations that reduce waste, 2) increase educational opportunities, and 3) using profit and growth to benefit local organizations.


Empowering the local intersection of social and environmental justice

 A Diverse World Without Waste 

Community Memberships:

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​The Balanced Exchange is a proud member of Good Business Colorado- a group that helps business owners create a better Colorado via a prosperous economy, equitable communities & a sustainable environment.  Join us:


The Balanced Exchange is proud to be a part of the .eco community. .eco is the domain name for people committed to the planet. Sustainability priorities are based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a universal action plan to protect the planet, end poverty and grow prosperity. As a .eco business, “We pledge to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on environmental actions.”

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